Build for Equity Case Study: Pacify Health

Pacify’s MassLight-built app fills an underserved niche in the healthcare industry

Headquarters: Washington, DC
Industry: Telehealth

About Pacify

Pacify is the first 24/7 telehealth app for new parents, connecting expecting mothers to on-demand support from natal healthcare professionals nationwide, including pediatric experts and lactation consultants.

By partnering with employers, health plans, and other public health programs, Pacify streamlines patient access and provides its services to many new parents at low to no cost.


2014: Pacify founded
2015: MassLight becomes part of Pacify team
- App launches
- Pacify secures $1.1 million in seed funding from Acceleprise
2017: Winner of 2017 Medstar Health #Patient2Consumer Startup Challenge
2019: Acquired by Advantia

Filling a Gap in Healthcare

With about 80 percent of emergency room visits by 2-year-olds in the U.S. discharged as non-urgent, Pacify serves anxious new parents in need of highly-responsive pediatric advice and support. New parents often end up in the emergency room for non-emergencies after pediatricians’ offices are closed for the day, leaving them with no one to turn to. This clogs emergency rooms, frustrates parents, and costs insurance companies money. 

Telehealth is Pacify’s answer to this need for after-hours pediatric support. The telehealth industry has come a long way since Pacify’s earliest inception and has only increased in need during the pandemic. According to Polaris Market Research, the U.S. telehealth industry was valued at $6.6 billion in 2019 and is projected at $28.8 billion in 2027.

The Challenge

When we first arrived, Pacify was struggling with a vendor who failed to deliver on a usable product and hadn’t been able to launch an app yet. However, we saw two strong founders who worked well together and brought a deep background in working strategically to improve healthcare outcomes.

Their mission was clear: tackling the underserved market of new moms who very much needed support.

The Approach

As technical co-founders through MassLight’s Build for Equity model, we care about understanding the needs of the product as much as we care about getting the technical details right. We don’t require any fees beyond our equity stake. Day in and day out, we worked with the Pacify team to create a mobile app that would be:

- Reliable & stable under varying network conditions
- Secure & HIPAA compliant
- Easy to use for new moms

MassLight delivered new builds weekly, participated in sales calls as Pacify’s CTO, maintained the technical infrastructure hosting the services, and participated in technical and security audits necessary to close contracts. 

The Outcome

Our first production-ready product launched after three months spent fixing issues in the existing code and rewriting large portions to scale in production. Pacify has since secured $1.1 million in seed funding from Acceleprise, won several awards, and was acquired by Advantia Health in 2019.

Access is constantly being expanded nationwide as more healthcare providers include Pacify’s services. The current Pacify app is highly rated as a user friendly, smooth platform that connects mothers to healthcare professionals within minutes.

MassLight CEO Daniel Abrams continues to guide key technology decisions as Pacify’s Chief Technology Officer, and MassLight software engineers work consistently to develop Pacify’s app and infrastructure. 

Meet the Founders

Ben Lundin


Co-Founder of Pacify

George Brandes


Current CEO of Pacify

“We couldn't be happier with the MassLight Build for Equity structure. At Pacify, we needed technology expertise, but more importantly, we needed a partner whose incentives would be completely aligned with our own. They deployed the kind of quality products and code that you'd expect from a co-owner, not a contractor.”

- Ben Lundin, Co-Founder of Pacify

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