4 Qualities of Startup Founders Perfect for Build for Equity

Build for Equity is a great way to get early-stage tech startups off the ground. Are you a good fit?

A better way to bootstrap startups.

MassLight's Build for Equity services are a proven, effective way for startup founders to bring on an expert tech team while preserving early-stage cash for sales, marketing, and strategic hires. We partner with early-stage startups that need software development - and don't want the cost or headache of hiring and managing in-house or offshore resources. As a full-stack development firm, we can handle everything from strategy to infrastructure to maintenance. The founders we partner with don't need to have a technical background - we bring that to the table. Here are 4 things we look for in our startup founder partners:

1. You've got a solid business plan

Building a great company requires much more than a great idea. Viable Build for Equity founders have thought through the details of their business beyond the idea. Knowing who your clients are, why they need your product, and how to get it to them is the first step to building a profitable company. Your market analysis and financial projections demonstrate that you have a strategy for your new business' success.

2. You know the industry inside and out

MassLight's team of software engineers and strategists are experts in their field. We have over 18 years of experience building and maintaining complex web and mobile applications, often in highly-regulated industries requiring strict compliance to legal requirements and best practices. We expect our founders to have similarly deep industry expertise. Specific vertical domain knowledge, including customer pain points and purchase decisions, is crucial for Build for Equity partners.

3. You're a sales maven

Even if they don't have a background in sales per se, it's critical that startup founders have the industry knowledge and passion for their solution to make initial sales. We partner with founders who know their clients' needs inside and out, and understand exactly how their product addresses them. Pre-sales commitments are a strong indication that clients will pay for your product. The purpose of Build for Equity is translating sellable customer business needs into the technical features.

4. You're deeply committed to your startup's success

As Build for Equity partners, MassLight is fully committed to the success of your venture. We expect the same level of commitment from founders. Part-time side hustles are generally not investable businesses for us. We want to see a deep level of commitment that ensures you will put the success of the company first.

If you are an early-stage startup who needs a great tech team, Build for Equity may be right for you. Contact MassLight today to learn more about our offering!

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