Build-for-Equity Development

We invest our time and expertise to a selection of chosen startups each year. If you need a partner who has proven experience building and maintaining the right technical solution for your startup, we can help.

What is Build for Equity?

A simple win-win-win approach.

We provide your Startup with Development Services and Support.

In exchange, MassLight becomes a partner in your company with an equity stake.

We support your startup's tech, leaving you to focus on the business.

What we look for in a Startup

Economic Moats

What makes you unique? How will you differentiate your company from competitors and how can you ensure that differentiation has staying power?

Dedicated Founders

We invest our resources and expertise in our startup partners, so we look for founders with who are fully committed to the success of their ventures.

Domain Experience

As software experts, we can ensure the solution we craft for your business is best-in-class. We look for Startups whose teams and founders are similar experts in their respective spaces.

Consistent Earning Power

Our ideal Startups have staying power. As dedicated partners, we are interested in Startups whose business models make sense in a long-term time horizon.

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What we Offer

Data Security and Account Encryption

We ensure the highest level of security for your users' data. Account encryption and other measures ensure you and your users have peace of mind when it comes to personal data.

Prototype, MVP, and early release development

We work with founders to map near-term business goals to technical milestones. We use a custom toolset for rapid development and deployment of web and mobile apps in a secure, scalable environment.

Long-term Strategy &  Management

We work with our clients for as long as needed to ensure their companies are supported by the best, most up-to-date technology. We work with Startups to iterate on and improve their products.


We meet daily and provide weekly builds. We make ourselves available to founders and teams in order to ensure the continued success of your web or mobile application.

User Analytics

We provide deep, actionable insights into user behavior to help you optimize users' experience with your product.

Let's Work Together.

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About Us

Started in 2003 in Washington DC, Masslight has served the DMV for 18+ years. We serve enterprises and startups with full-stack development and long-term project management services.

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