The Best Project Management Software for Startups

By Fernando Berrocal

Startups may present a variety of daily obstacles and you certainly don't need to add chaos to the mix. Having a solid set of tools to keep communication streamlined and accountability on track may go a long way toward ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Because a startup's business evolves rapidly, it's critical to know who's doing what, when, and how. Transparency is essential, and the appropriate project management software can help you stay on track and organized.

How can you determine which project management software is best for you?  We recommend that you search since some of the more sophisticated software comes with a higher price tag, and you'll need to consider if your business needs all of the capabilities they provide. If not, go with lighter software to avoid paying more. 

Best Project Management Software for Startups



It's also crucial to make sure you're getting software that works with the apps your organization currently has.

Notion: This offers numerous unique characteristics that make it a creative approach to team and project management. Their corporate wiki allows you to keep track of office policies, mission statements and goals, employee contact information, and other company information in one place that is accessible to all team members. You may use their Roadmap tool to assign and monitor assignments and schedules. Real-time collaboration implies that several people may work on the same project page at the same time. Furthermore, their smart notification’s function relieves the manager of the responsibility of checking in with employees by alerting you whenever a status is stated. Pricing: Personal - Individuals are free to use. Personal Pro is $4 per month. Team - $8 a month per person, excellent for small businesses and startups. Enterprise - Pricing tailored to the needs of bigger companies.

nTask: The objective of this software is to create a simple, intuitive, and friendly software management solution. You may assign tasks to team members and highlight priority tasks so that your team knows which ones need to be completed first. Their tracking function lets you set a start and end date for an assignment and helps you stay on track until it's completed. It also allows all members of the team to track billable hours. Their collaboration function allows team members to write comments on files and share them to stay in touch. They also provide online meeting software that you may use to hold group meetings. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, share the agenda before the planned meeting and the major topics addressed with the team afterward. Price: Basic - For freelancers and individuals, it's completely free. Premium - $2.99 per user per month, suitable for small businesses and startups. Business - $7.99 per user per month, perfect for bigger businesses. Enterprise - the price that is tailored to your needs.

Basecamp: They've been doing this for a long time and know what they're doing and how to do it properly. Employees can post vital notes for one other on their message boards. Tasks can be added to the To-do list by managers, who can then check them off when they are done. Their event and meeting scheduling tool are simple to use, and team members can quickly share documents and data. It also features a pause button, which allows employees to turn off alerts while working on a project, then turn it back on to observe what occurred while they were in the zone. Their activity view allows managers to quickly identify which projects are on track and which are behind schedule. Their all-inclusive capabilities replace the need for several specialist applications such as those for team chat, to-do list monitoring, file storage, and more. Price:  Personal - This is a free service that is perfect for students, freelancers, and individuals. Business - $99/month, including a 30-day free trial and unlimited projects and users.

Flow: This software has a lot of fantastic features, such as the option to switch between several viewing modes so you can see projects as a task list, or calendar. Its real-time notifications notify employees as soon as you assign a job to them, and it also sends alerts for references in discussions. You may designate who gets access to project documents and information using Flow. It also allows you to mark tasks as recurring, and it takes care of the scheduling and assigning for you. It also provides an easy-to-read resource management overview, allowing you to prioritize and allocate work to various team members as needed. Their updates stream provides task progress data, allowing you to stay on top of everything. Their price is perfect for startups who may not want all of the sophisticated capabilities, with three different options to select from. Price: Basic: $6 per month per user. Plus, each user pays $8 each month. Pro - $10 per month per user A 30-day free trial is available through Flow.

Best Project Management Software for Startups




Whatever the size, scope, or budget of your brand-new startup, there is project management software that will meet your specific demands. Try to use 30-day free trials to evaluate which one of this detailed software is the best for managing your startup's unique tasks. You'll have more structure and responsibility, which will allow you to focus on other chores and make plans for the future.

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