Do You Need Credentials to Create a Successful Startup?

By Nicole Hendrix

If you’re thinking about establishing your own startup, it’s important to understand that there’s no better time to start than this year. “The economy right now is fertile ground for entrepreneurs and business owners,” shares Winston Ibrahim, the founder and CEO of Hydros, in his article about 2021’s business opportunities. For example, he states that the rise of remote working has “opened a larger pool of talent to choose from when hiring.” Industries are also now showing several “vulnerabilities,” such as their inability to meet market demand. This has opened up opportunities for new businesses to come up with better solutions.

But while today’s market is filled with opportunities, this doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically succeed. You’ll need to arm yourself not just with the resources but the necessary business knowledge and skills. However, this begs the question: do you need actual credentials to create a startup?

Do you need a degree?

Technically, you don’t need a degree to start a business. However, having one (or two) isn’t only beneficial, but could prove necessary to your success. For example, if you’re planning to start a business in technical fields like programming, then you’re going to want a specialized degree in the field.

Plus, know that you can always adjust your schedule around your classes thanks to the proliferation of online degrees today. Online degrees even deliver a better return-on-investment since they are cost-effective without sacrificing the quality of education. Online business degrees offer aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to study in-depth some of the top practices and most in-demand skills in business such as accounting and economics. You may also be required to take other relevant courses like business law, which will only further help you navigate the industry you’re planning to break into. Check what different colleges or universities are offering online so you can choose an area of emphasis suited to your skills and the certification you believe will best serve your startup aspirations.

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Do you need certifications?

Certifications are usually given if you’ve taken classes, workshops, or even training on a certain subject. Much like a degree, they’re not required but they can provide you with credentials that can prove you’re an expert in the field. This is very important if you’re offering consulting services, as you want to convince your clients that you have the background to provide them with the proper solutions.

Certifications may also help boost your credibility, helping you form better connections during networking events.

Moreover, you can also take online courses, not because of the certifications, but because you’re interested in filling the gaps in your skillset. For example, one of the qualities business people need in order to succeed is a problem solver’s mindset. This isn’t something innate — you either have years of experience honing it or need to take classes to help you build this mindset. The certification, in this case, is just a bonus.

Credentials are beneficial

The bottom-line here is that credentials, whether in the form of degrees or certifications, open you to more opportunities, which will help you build and grow your startup.

Of course, if you think that your business is better off introduced today than in two or four years, you can definitely launch it without credentials. The founder and CEO of global tech network Toptal, Taso Du Val, did so when he found a problem in IT outsourcing. Still, he already had been working in the IT industry for at least four years prior to the creation of Toptal. This is a reminder that if you don’t have the necessary degrees and certifications, you at least need experience.

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