How a Startup Accelerator Might Benefit Your Business

By Fernando Berrocal

At the starter stages, you may feel overwhelmed if at the beginning of your startup, it needs finance and you don't know where to look for it. That’s where a Startup Accelerator might benefit your business. 

After all, there are a multitude of ways to raise funds for your startup, none of which appear to be especially simple. An accelerator in your region, on the other hand, is one of the greatest methods to advance your startup and get funding.

Founders must learn how to persuade potential investors that their business idea and plan are solid in an accelerator.

Startup Accelerator



Connecting the Dots

It's beneficial for entrepreneurs outside of Silicon Valley to be able to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs and investors in their area of living. This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to become engaged in your local startup environment if you haven't already. Although there are many other advantages to participating in an accelerator, most startups feel that merely being exposed to smart mentors makes the experience worthwhile.

You may make new friends, form new alliances, and find new investors in your area all of which will help your business in the short and long run.

Increasing your Horizons

Simply interacting and communicating with others about our thoughts might sometimes provide us with valuable information. There's a strong possibility you're placing your business in a box if you've been focused on delivering a menu of services or goods and haven't moved from the original concept. Accelerators may help you think broader about your business by allowing you to break away from conventional limits. 


An accelerator may help you learn more about your product or service and answer critical questions about your business, such as:

Here, feedback from seasoned founders, investors, and mentors will be extremely useful. Don't come in with any ideas fixed in stone; flexibility is one method to assure you'll never completely fail. If your existing concept and strategy were perfect, you wouldn't need an accelerator's help, be cooperative and open to recommendations from mentors and other entrepreneurs.

Practice makes Perfect

Being a part of an accelerator provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rehearse your pitch in front of real or fictitious investors. The owners of Credential Cabinet, a startup, discussed the different advantages of this technique:

“Because we were in an accelerator, we also had the opportunity to present in front of "mock" investors before the pitch event. These were investors who could offer objective advice. There is no such thing as a "proper" method to pitch. There are several articles on what to say and what not to say, but it all boils down to presenting a compelling narrative, proving that you have a strong team and product, and demonstrating that you are serious about developing a great company. You should be familiar with both the information on your slides and the supporting facts.”

In this specific case, Credential Cabinet improved its pitch in four areas, all thanks to its accelerator. They were able to:

  • To get it properly, practice pitching.
  • Investors can provide you with unbiased advice.
  • Gain a better understanding of each stage of the pitching process.
  • Find out what didn't appear to be working.
  • Examining the competition.

Analyzing the Competitors

Participating in an accelerator will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the competition up close. You'll be able to observe and evaluate other businesses' pitches, as well as listen to how they respond to difficult questions from investors, whether you're there in person or not. Many businesses, such as student loan company LendEDU, established by Matt Lenhard and Nate Matherson, benefit directly from this (the founders of Shop Tutors). After completing a 90-day accelerator program, they got financing from the Iowa Startup Accelerator and Built By Iowa. They remarked on how much their fellow participants' pitches helped in the development of their own:

"Seeing where the weaknesses were in our own and other startups' pitches was helpful to us. It pushed us to put in the effort to put up the best pitch for LendEDU, and that's what helped us succeed."

Startup Accelerator


Even if the products and services are drastically different from your own, you will learn valuable lessons and avoid common mistakes. Other startups, on the other hand, will be able to learn from your pitches. It offers an instructional atmosphere that can help clever entrepreneurs succeed if they are ready to listen.

Participating in an accelerator program might be a good idea for your startup because these programs offer comprehensive coaching, training, and mentorship, ensuring that you get lots of practice pitching your idea to investors. What could that represent for your startup?

In conclusion, a Startup Accelerator might benefit your business. If you are looking for an innovative option, Masslight's Build-for-Equity program might be right for you. We give your business a specialized technical staff and assistance in exchange for an equity investment. You may concentrate on your main business while our software specialists build your product.

Ready to bring your startup to the next level? Apply to MassLight’s next batch. MassLight supplies capital and a dedicated tech team. We take equity in return. Have questions? Refer to our FAQ page.

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