Important Tools for Busy Solopreneurs

By Fernando Berrocal

Being a traditional, hard-working employee is a great professional experience; however, the independence and power of being your own boss are unrivaled.  “Solopreneurs” are entrepreneurs who oversee all areas of their business and don't rely on outsourcing tasks to others.  Any seasoned solopreneur will warn you that it comes at a very high price. Going it alone takes dedication, tenacity, and perseverance–at a level that you've never needed in any other context of your professional life.  While a business partnership is a viable way of starting an enterprise, there's something incredibly fulfilling about starting and growing a business on your own.


If you want to maintain a good business reputation and make your business viable, you'll have to hire some form of assistance for your startup. Unfortunately, "business burnout" is a typical occurrence; it’s simple to reach this stage without even realizing it. In the present article, we will present you with some resources to assist you in your solopreneur journey.

  • Calendly: Have you ever considered how many business and personal tasks you could do in the time you spend attempting to plan working meetings? You may feel as though you spend more time attempting to set up the business meeting than you do attending the meeting. Not only will you feel as if you are wasting vital time, but it may also be incredibly aggravating for your organization. Calendly is a handy scheduling tool that performs all of your scheduling for you without you having to do anything. Simply define your settings and availability choices, sync your calendars, and consider yourself booked and occupied.

  • Grammarly: It's frighteningly easy to allow lousy spelling and language to get the best of you when you've got a lot going on your mind. You may get away with a few minor errors here and there when writing something; however, you don't want your professional or commercial image to be harmed by poor grammar. Grammarly is the ideal option for you; it's an artificial intelligence-powered writing helper that's improving the world "one apostrophe at a time.” You may be an expert at what you do as an entrepreneur, but writing is a complex talent that not everyone can master at all, and Grammarly can help with that. It not only corrects your grammar, but it also gives you main suggestions on how to write more clearly so that you may express yourself more effectively.
  • Expensify: You probably didn't understand how useful a random receipt could be until you began your own business. Now that you've stuffed them wherever you can, all you have to do is hope they'll be there when you need them. For every solopreneur, this dilemma is familiar. Fortunately, the Expensify team recognized this minor annoyance and developed a user-friendly mobile app that eliminates any excuses for misplaced receipts. It lets you scan and keep receipts digitally, but the greatest feature is that they're automatically placed into a versatile spreadsheet. You'll like how simple and convenient it is, and your accountant will be also very thankful.
  • Virtual Assistance: If you brought another human on board, you probably wouldn't be considered a solopreneur. There are, however, methods to obtain effective support without putting another person in a position to do so. You'll be surprised at how much this will improve your business and your style of functioning. Virtual assistant services provide all of the advantages of having a professional bit of assistance without the cost of hiring a full-time employee. It's entirely remote, yet it's constantly there to help you with corporate administration, personal activities, and even family affairs. An online virtual assistant will relieve you of the burden of day-to-day organization, allowing you to focus on the wider picture and other important business and personal responsibilities.

Busy Solopreneur Tools

It's difficult to accept that you need some support as a driven, independent, and extremely busy solopreneur. Remember: help is a good thing! The business tools discussed in this post are small-scale, and may be implemented in modest increments to make your life as a solopreneur a little simpler.

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