Official MassLight Cohort Announcement

MassLight is proud to announce our newest cohort. We invested in five startups spanning a wide range of industries: Endeema, Wellfound Foods, Goodshuffle, Venture Raise, plus a brand new platform that has yet to be introduced. By investing capital, dedicated tech teams, and mentors, we help founders launch and grow their businesses from inception to exit.

More information on each of the previously listed companies is available below… 


Endeema is an EU-based company offering a software which matches energy consumption with renewable energy supply in the electricity grid. The software then provides recommendations and automated responses to change the company's production plan. This helps companies save electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions while still meeting customer orders. Endeema effectively makes companies more competitive and sustainable, while also integrating intermittent renewable energy in electricity grids. 

For Endeema, MassLight is offering every service under the Discovery stage of our Build for Equity program. For more information regarding the features of each stage, please refer to our FAQs.

Joel Christoff - CEO & Head of Research

Joel Christoph is the founder and CEO of Endeema. He was a Summer Research Fellow at the University of Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute, Young Ambassador at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, Digital Civilization Fellow at the Oxford-Hainan Blockchain Research Institute, and COP Delegate of the Global Alliance of Universities on Climate. Joel also worked in an energy markets consultancy and analyzed international electricity and energy markets as a graduate researcher in economics. He has lived in seven countries in three continents and speaks Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.


Endeema MassLight Cohort

The Endeema team from left to right: Joel Christoff, Florian Stark, Lucy Czachowski, A S Ahmed Amin Haris


Ubinum is a planned subscription service for research groups to publish, share, and discover research. The platform will link research with ease and provide easier peer-to-peer social communication between researchers. Through connecting the scientific world, it enables easier research sharing, accelerated scientific discovery, and establishes a community for scientists.

MassLight is mentoring the Ubinum team and building the entire software from scratch for their planned launch. Progress on the platform has been extremely efficient and successful.

Jacqueline Kravetz - CEO

Jacqueline Kravetz is the driving force behind this new venture and is leading business development.  Kravetz has been leveraging support for NGOs since 1990 both on staff and as a consultant.  She managed a 13-person team and a $22 million budget at WNET Television, the PBS flagship station in New York City, where she was the Director of Creative Initiatives. As a communications expert, Kravetz has created multimedia content for Volkswagen of America and Whole Foods, among others. Most recently, she worked to build financial support and brand recognition for the New York Academy of Sciences, a 200-year-old NGO dedicated to leveraging science for the good of our global society. 

Wellfound Foods

Wellfound Foods increases access to modern eats for health-conscious time-crunched people. Wellfound Foods revolutionizes grab-and-go food by distributing healthy prepackaged food to wholesalers and retailers. In late 2019, Wellfound began testing its SmartMarkets - tech-enabled vending machines - as a new channel to achieve its mission to increase access to fresh and healthy food options for time-crunched people.

While Wellfound Foods has been established for several years, MassLight has taken on the task of expanding their offerings. We are building an app that will allow users to check the inventory of food near them via GPS and preorder their next meal on the go.

Sarah Frimpong (Frim) - CEO & Founder

Since 2013, Frim has grown Wellfound Foods from humble beginnings in a local food incubator to providing full-scale wholesale distribution of its fresh grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, grain bowls, and breakfast items to over 50 locations in the region each week.  Prior to founding Wellfound, Frim worked in business-to-business sales. Born just outside of Washington, D.C. and raised abroad, Frim has chosen D.C. as her home and the home base for her growing business.

Wellfound Foods MassLight Cohort


Goodshuffle’s SaaS platform, Goodshuffle Pro, is built specifically for the event rental and production industries. The software is a one-stop shop to easily track inventory, automate sales, and empower business growth for event companies of all shapes and sizes across North America. MassLight has offered Goodshuffle mentoring alongside a cash investment.

Andrew Garcia - CEO & Co-Founder

Andrew Garcia is the CEO of Goodshuffle, a company on a mission to modernize the technology used by event companies to manage their day-to-day operations, complex logistics, and client interactions. After graduating from UT Austin, Andrew worked as a software engineer and consultant to provide solutions to his clients’ problems. In 2013, he combined his love for events, his decades of software engineering experience, and his entrepreneurial talents to co-found, build, and grow Goodshuffle with his good friend and co-founder, Erik Dreyer.

Goodshuffle MassLight Cohort

Venture Raise 

Venture Raise helps fund startups so they can spend less time fundraising and more time building their business. Venture Raise introduces “Connectors” to entrepreneurs, who in turn, introduce the entrepreneurs to investors after running the company profile through an “Investor Match”. It is a LinkedIn-like platform for entrepreneurs to build relationships with fitting investors. MassLight built the website for Venture Raise from the ground up. 

Venture Raise MassLight Cohort

“We are pleased to announce our largest, most diverse cohort of build-for-equity companies ever. Congratulations to Jacqueline, Joel, Sarah, and Andrew. We are so excited to work with you as you scale and grow.” 

MassLight is ecstatic to work with such a unique cohort of build-for-equity companies. From providing convenient and healthy food for those on the go, to providing renewable energy for companies interested in sustainability, we could not be more excited to continue helping these companies exceed the promise they have shown and reach their full potential!

Ready to bring your startup to the next level? Apply to MassLight’s next batch. MassLight supplies capital and a dedicated tech team. We take equity in return. Have questions? Refer to our FAQ page.

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