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By Fernando Berrocal

It’s possible that since you are not interacting with the appropriate individuals in your startup local reunion, your startup might be caught in a never-ending cycle and frustratingly unable to grow. You have to remember that since you are a new entrepreneur or a founder of a startup in its early stages of life, business networking is critical to growing your business. All of the big-name businesses got where they are today by cultivating solid connections with the right people. These are the kinds of connections that may be made by networking with others. Your startup can reach new heights by cultivating meaningful business relationships in the local startup community.

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What role may business networking play in your startup's success? What comes to mind when you hear the phrase "business networking"? When you ask yourself these questions, sometimes you just feel that networking is just “chilling” with the right people at the right time. Hundreds of individuals would undoubtedly be chatting and passing out flashy business cards, extravagant pamphlets, and fancy fliers. That might be correct, but it’s also just the tip of the iceberg. Have you ever noticed how some new startups have a large number of customers while having no advertising at all? The majority of their clients are people they happen to know, have met in recent times, have common friends with, or have been referred to by previous satisfied clients. This is the result of what is called the “Startup's Networking Efforts”.

Before we go into specific details, let's define the term “Networking”. The exchange of ideas and information between people who share a common interest in the professional landscape is known as networking. This is where early-stage entrepreneurs of different types of startups may extend their network to discover greater possibilities in their sector. Startup entrepreneurs may also learn about the newest trends, innovative technologies, and potential investors for their business via networking.

What is the best way to build a solid business network? Almost every entrepreneur understands the value of having an important startup network. However, only a select few are aware of how to make use of it. We will describe a few startup networking techniques that you may use at your next startup event.

Choose events that align with your business’s objectives. In the US, there are hundreds of business networking events, with each state hosting events in different places within their boundaries. It's not too late to start attending one of these events if you haven't already. But before you rush in, be sure you know what you're going to do. Investigate the event on the web or contact the organizers for additional information related to the type of event it is. Check to see if the event is relevant to your work. Attending an event that focuses on a subject that is completely unrelated to your business would be useless and a complete waste of time.

Develop a strategic plan, you can't join a business networking event without a strategy. When attending networking events, keep your goal in mind. Are you coming to give a presentation about your business? Do you require financial assistance? Do you require an introduction as well as funding? Whatever the case may be, the first thing you'll need is a business card. It may seem dated, but they are an attempted method that will never go out of style. Networking involves meeting a large number of individuals. How will you be remembered? There's a business card there. Give them your business card so they may get in touch with you. And also, don’t bore them with a lot of business presentation pages, with a 5-10 minute explanation, a basic brochure will suffice.

Try to meet as many people as you can. Business networking events for startups are packed with individuals you'd like to meet. However, don't spend more than forty-five minutes talking to only one individual. That time can be used to communicate with four or more individuals if possible. It's alright if you have a specific profile in mind. When you arrive at the event, you should look for that person first. But keep in mind that networking is mostly about pitching your startup, not selling. These events can assist you in obtaining funding, but they are primarily focused on networking entrepreneurs. The first step is to attend networking events. If prospective investors decide to finance you, you may ask them when the best time is to discuss your product or business.

startup networking


Bring a wingman with you. You're desperate to grow your business and attend a business networking event, but you're too shy and frightened to approach others. Keep in mind that these people are there for the same reason you are. They must also expand their network. You can chat with everyone at the event without fear of being judged.   The conversation can be started by your wingman, and you can join in to continue it. If you don't know anyone at the event, a wingman will come in useful. One of the reasons why entrepreneurs are afraid to chat and mingle is because they are unfamiliar with the people. If you know someone who has a lot of connections, you can bring them along to the event.

Inquire about contact information. Remember to ask for business cards in addition to acquiring your own. It's great if you have their contact information so you can set up a meeting as soon as possible. Because it's so early, the prospect's recollection of the encounter is still strong. You won't have to remind them of the time, place, or method of your meeting.

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