Startup Resources: Starting your Online Businesses

By Fernando Berrocal

At first, starting a brand-new internet business in this digital age can be a fairly difficult and complex task to do by yourself.  You can't keep an eye on too many technical aspects if you want to make sure everything is functioning well and smoothly. You must also develop a variety of different strategies to stand out from the rest while also maintaining normal business operations. Many of these activities might be slowed if you don't have enough qualified staff while you're just starting.

Fortunately, there are several small business tools available nowadays on the web that can assist you in launching your new business endeavor. Even if it's just you and a few teammates, these important tools will guide you on the correct path and help you avoid the mistakes that might sabotage your and your teammate's success.

  • FirstSiteGuide: This is a website that primarily provides information about a certain site. FirstSiteGuide has a wealth of information for small businesses looking to create, expand, and monetize their web page blogs. For startups, bloggers, and webmasters, there are step-by-step blogging guidelines, WordPress tutorials, and a set of handy tool reviews.

There are also comprehensive tips to developing a website, choosing a blogging platform, designing a business logo, selecting an adequate web hosting provider, utilizing the famous Google Analytics, social media advertising such as Facebook advertising, and much more.

  • Moz: This is a well-known and respected business that offers a variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing solutions. It has comprehensive SEO, link-building, competitive analysis, and keyword research recommendations. Moz mainly offers free SEO tools for keyword research, link building, evaluating social media and site analytics, local search, and more, in addition to professional guidance and insights.

  • Codecademy: This is an online learning platform for programmers. Codecademy is the place to go if you want to master the fundamentals of coding. It provides free coding tasks that make programming extremely simple and enjoyable as a whole. If data is your cup of tea, you can pick up website development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) as well as Python and SQL in only a few days.



  • HubSpot: This website offers free online training classes for building a business in addition to a wealth of small business tools on different vital areas to build a business such as marketing, sales, and customer support. In addition to basic training, HubSpot provides a free CRM to help you remain in touch with your connections while also increasing lead production and conversion.

  • TEDx: This is a professional channel that is part of TED's global commitment to offer innovative and inspirational ideas to local communities around the world. You may host and attend TEDx events, as well as dig into the massive library of TEDx speeches to discover a whole new world of important information from local speakers about different and refreshing topics.

  • Udemy: This is a massive online learning marketplace with at least over 100,000 online courses, most of which are available for free. You may pick your instructor (all of whom are industry professionals), search through a large video collection to help you remember what you've learned, and study at your speed. Marketing, IT & software, development, and business are just a few of the talents you may learn.

  • Podcasts: These are some of the most useful small business resources available in an easy and fast way. Thousands of podcasts hosted and presented by industry professionals give fantastic advice and methods for expanding your business as a whole.



In conclusion, sifting through an abundance of online information may be intimidating, especially if you don't know where to begin. Fortunately, this list of small business tools is a wonderful place to start, so be sure to go over it all in detail and understand as much as possible. You'll pick up your new internet business quickly and become a successful entrepreneur before you even realize it.

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