Startup Resources: Why a Strong Digital Presence is Essential for Success

By Fernando Berrocal

Since they have a reputation for being the most courageous individuals in any professional network, startup entrepreneurs are setting the tone when it comes to adjusting to the "new normal" in the business environment. The conventional road map for success was in part destroyed by the coronavirus pandemic–and the digital revolution. Businesses need to be more flexible and adaptable than ever if they want to survive, and that will continue to be the standard for years to come.

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For some people, that would be quite a frightening scenario to have develop. However, for some of the best startup Chief Executive Officers (CEO), it's a positively energizing business scenario. Customers now engage differently with different types of businesses (whether it be through roadside pickup of a product or mobile device transfers) than they did a few years ago. Businesses must reach final customers where they are currently located, which is increasingly in the online environment.

A startup business may survive out-of-left-field crises–such as the COVID-19 epidemic–by developing a bright, seamless online presence with the tools available. Successful businesses are continuing to adapt their conventional business models to take advantage of new opportunities in this transformed business environment. This includes traditional restaurants that offer food delivery services, and even dancing academies that now provide online classes for their students. 

All organizations should be prepared for a major emphasis on developing and sustaining a solid digital strategy and keep constructing them from there on. It may take some time to fully materialize this process and will have its advantages and disadvantages but is something that will eventually occur. Your online presence will shape how customers see your business brand from now on. For example, they will be using their own mobile devices to make purchases of products and/or services and this will be the main way in which they interact with you moving forward.

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Keep in mind: the time is now!  Since digital transformation is currently a top priority for all types of businesses around the world, it is especially important for small organizations to keep their communities vibrant. There is much hope that small-to-medium-sized organizations can adjust swiftly given the strong desire to help local communities develop. You must facilitate digital discussions with consumers, proactively monitor social media comments, and nurture sales by delivering business information across all of your digital channels if you want to thrive in the new normal.

Keep the following strategies in mind as you work to improve or expand your online presence:

In the New Normal, Meet the Needs of Your Consumers

The new normal has altered customer expectations, and they now anticipate finding businesses online. Your business is validated by serving clients where they want to be specifically served. How can you effectively compete against those businesses that are there if your organization isn't included when someone searches for the products and/or services you offer on the internet? With both hands bound behind your back, you would be struggling.

This concept affects your interactions with your clients as well. The majority of clients these days like self-service and chatbots over phone conversations with customer support representatives. Instead of providing it the way you want to, you should deliver it the way your consumers want to receive it. That's a crucial distinction that will drastically impact how you interact with your customer base. For that, you should ask them for different approaches.

Why Strong Digital Presence is Essential for Startups

Make Use of Platforms To Share Your Opinions and Build Trust

Leading with empathy and fostering trust are crucial aspects of developing a powerful business online presence. So do not be hesitant to share your organization's opinions on important topics, such as your firm's dedication to health, safety, and cleanliness to fight illness. You may go into as much depth as you like on your social media platforms, website, and website blog since current and potential consumers want to see that the businesses, they choose to do business with share their beliefs. To carefully establish trust, you need to maintain your customers' attention, so you may need to use different types of digital media.

Invest in Technology that Engages your Audience

Numerous innovative tools have made it possible for businesses to employ technological resources more effectively. Consider video chat sessions with a lawyer or any other professional. For that, we used to attend all of these meetings in person. Video chat services today take the place of the requirement to go out in public. By utilizing technology in this way, you may also generate data that can be used to develop a more complete picture of your consumer. Data may also be used to monitor peak internet traffic times, measure engagements, and suggest follow-up activities. Online transactions are safer, and the additional advantages you might encounter are priceless.

Include a Level of Adaptability and Resilience in Your Future Planning

Every business on the earth has had to put its resilience to the test as a result of COVID-19. Will you be prepared for the next challenge if you make it through the pandemic? What are your capacity for adaptability and new ideas? Many of the decisions you make should be influenced by the answers to these questions. Adopting new technology and bravely going through digital changes might be beneficial in this situation.

Starting and maintaining a business requires courage and tenacity; it is not for the weak of heart. Being prepared is the greatest way to move forward and stay afloat, and building your online presence is the most reliable approach to do so in a brave new world and an ever-changing business scene.

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