Founder Resources: Unusual Methods for Attracting Leads to Your Startup

By Fernando Berrocal

For entrepreneurs establishing a startup businesses, there are several strategies to achieve success. For the majority of small business owners, this might seem pretty obvious; however, for many others, it's a remark that dispels their self-doubt and dread of failing. 

Methods To Attract Leads

What if your business relies on tried-and-true methods for generating leads? How can you make the startup business to be better, and have it functioning smoothly? These and other concerns on how to achieve success could cross your mind at different times as you develop your business. In this blog post, we will discuss several strategies early stage business owners can utilize to reconsider how they approach their market.

Leave the business plans alone. Former president Dwight D. Eisenhower once famously remarked that, in essence, plans are useless. However, the act of planning is necessary before doing any significant action. It's obvious what he meant: plans may change and frequently become obsolete pretty quickly. However, the preparation process itself is what makes every action in life successful or unsuccessful. What does a business strategy have to do with any of this? Think about the outdated belief that a properly founded firm must have a well-written strategy and discard that belief out the window as well. A more adaptable strategy and the planning process can succeed just as well, if not better.

Design as you go: a novel method. Most of the time when starting a brand-new business, you are unsure of what to do most of the time, if not all the time. The learning process starts in earnest when a small business is launched. Business ideas are constantly being altered, as writer Tim Berry from Forbes magazine reportedly observed. Nowadays, they are presently being updated more quickly than ever. Berry stated that: "Today, a plan is obsolete in just only a few weeks. In the past, a plan would survive a few months without any alteration". This is not to argue that you should completely disregard business strategies. According to organization data, strategic plans often provide 30% more prospects for business expansion. However, do not mistake correlation for causation.  Is it truly a strong business strategy that is assisting these businesses, or is it more the process of planning and market research?

Venture Capital

Utilize the "1% Rule” to continuously keep evolving. The way you generate leads and develop a small business may be drastically altered by small marginal benefits. But how exactly do you do that? Finding marginal advantages that you can gradually implement into your firm over time is what you want to achieve at the end of the day. These are what the author James Clear refers to as the little 1% successes that over time produce incredible quantities of change.

The "small adjustments" strategy was adopted by British cyclers in the early 2000s, according to Clear's book. While some of their adjustments had to do directly with cycling, like giving their tires greater traction, others were only loosely connected to the core reason. Still, the adjustments contributed to the main problem. Eventually, the British cycling squad quickly rose to become one of the finest in the world. How can you implement this in your lead-attraction initiatives? Here are a few concepts:

  • Look for strategies to strengthen and utilize your business network as much as possible.  Even something as straightforward as connecting two people in your professional network can have long- and medium-term benefits for you. As a result of your connecting reputation as "the one who knows people," you could in the future get assistance requests from those who have important leads.

  • Hijacking of authority.  Find small, gradual methods to leverage your increased business contacts to raise your business profile as much as possible. Did you, for instance, have a publication in a reputable business magazine? Put something like that in the spotlight on your website. Every time a lead clicks on your website, even a minor modification like that might increase their faith in you and your organization.

How Entrepreneurs Can Employ Unusual Methods To Attract Leads

The value of outsourcing will increase over time.  You need to immediately understand that you don't have to do everything on your own. There are essentially three things you may do with each possible work, according to author David Allen of the book "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity." Concerning these three options, you can do the following: do it yourself, put it on hold for some time, or just outsource it. Only two of the three do anything, and even then, there are instances when you lack the resources to handle things on your own. The primary remedy is to outsource value to gradually increase your capacity for lead attraction. The following sentences will discuss a few different angles on that:

  • Give your most time-consuming and/or repetitive jobs to others.  Let's assume that you are meticulous about following up on leads. But doing so will take away from your familiar and/or professional time. To significantly reduce the amount of time you spend, you may try hiring a virtual assistant to handle contacting leads who haven't contacted you in a while.

  • Hire a public relations (PR) business.  Do you want your name to appear in wider media coverage? Think about contracting with a PR agency that already has influential media contacts, that is prepared to train you, and perhaps even to take on part of the work themselves. You'll learn more about what works best for you as you continue to try to increase your lead production over time. Start approaching it methodically; if you experiment with it enough, you'll finally find the answers that are appropriate for your business and be able to obtain better numbers as a result.

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